BioLite Marks its CES Debut with Launch of New Off-Grid Lighting Category

3-in-1 NanoGrid system includes rechargeable networked lighting and power storage –

December 30, 2014 BROOKLYN NY BioLite LLC, an innovator in off-grid energy solutions and makers of the award-winning BioLite CampStove, is making its first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is being held in Las Vegas from January 6 through 9, 2015.

The company will also make its bold debut into the lighting category there with the new NanoGrid™, a compact, powerful system of rechargeable lighting and power storage that will be available to consumers in February 2015.

“We are entering into a new category and CES felt like the perfect platform to make this announcement,” said BioLite CEO and Co-founder Jonathan Cedar, “Access to mobile energy is inextricably linked to the growing portfolio of personal devices permeating our daily lives. The NanoGrid is our platform to provide portable charging capabilities via an elegant off-grid lighting system.

Anchored by the PowerLight, a 3-in-1 USB powerbank, lantern and torch, the NanoGrid creates a solution that empowers the user to direct where their energy goes. Through thoughtful industrial and software design, the NanoGrid can light a variety of tasks and environments, as well as charge personal devices.

“It’s a flexible system that takes into account the various power needs of a user and allows them to share energy as they see fit – nothing is trapped,” added Cedar.

The NanoGrid is BioLite’s newest off-grid energy solution. BioLite first hit the market in 2012 with its flagship product, the CampStove – a portable wood-burning camping stove that creates electricity from the heat of the fire through its innovative thermoelectric generator. A larger wood-burning stove, the BioLite BaseCamp, was launched on Kickstarter in 2014 and is now one of the top 75 Kickstarter campaigns of all time. The design of the BaseCamp was inspired by BioLite’s HomeStove, a low cost cookstove aimed at reducing premature deaths and climate change related to smoky indoor fires in emerging markets.

“Many people know us for our breakthrough stoves, but ultimately that is just one dimension of BioLite and our vision to bring Energy Everywhere,” said Cedar. “We are committed to designing off-grid technologies that provide you with the energy you need to feel safe, productive, and connected – the things we often take for granted in indoor, electrified environments.”

BioLite is also proud to announce that the NanoGrid will be the first BioLite product to be commercially launched in both the outdoor recreational and emerging markets. Through their unique Parallel Innovation model, BioLite uses the near term revenue generated by their outdoor audience and reinvests it into building scalable solutions for communities living in energy poverty. The company is currently selling the HomeStove products across India, Ghana, and Uganda with plans to expand with new partnerships in 2015.

BioLite’s debut will take place at Eureka Park, CES’s showcase for new companies and emerging technologies. “Eureka Park is a great place to see young companies tackling tough problems with new perspectives,” says Cedar, “we know CES is a huge show and we’re confident this section is the place to see what’s really new and what’s coming next.”

CES attendees can experience the BioLite NanoGrid first-hand at the BioLite Booth: Booth #75617 located at Eureka Park in The Sands.


About BioLite

BioLite is a dynamic social enterprise that develops, manufactures, and markets consumer energy products for off-grid communities around the world. It is most well known for its patented thermoelectric technology that makes cooking with wood as clean, safe, and easy as modern fuels while simultaneously providing electricity to charge small devices. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, the company was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond. Discover more about BioLite at, and

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