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BioLite Smashes Kickstarter Goal to Raise Over $1 Million Dollars

Thousands of backers kickstart the brand’s latest, innovative wood fire stove

June 16, 2014 BROOKLYN, NY The public demand for BaseCamp, BioLite’s newest product introduction, proved itself a million times over when the brand’s recent Kickstarter campaign raised $1,032,443 for the project – smashing its original goal of $45,000.

“We wanted to launch in an environment that allowed us to tell the full story of the creation of BaseCamp and Kickstarter felt like the perfect platform,” said Erica Rosen, BioLite Director of Marketing. “It was our first crowd-demanded product, and now it’s our first crowd-funded product. It has been an incredible experience, essentially co-launching a product with the community. We’ve been blown away by the results.”

Through the 32-day-long Kickstarter campaign, which ended yesterday on Father’s Day, 3785 backers pitched in to make BioLite the 67th most successful campaign in Kickstarter history. 3,244 of those backers pledged at the $299 level and will be the first to receive the BioLite BaseCamp with a special-edition carrying case, a perk available only to those on Kickstarter. Backers will also have the unique experience of helping BioLite select an accessory project for BaseCamp, a stretch goal announced halfway through the campaign and met when BioLite reached the $750,000 mark with three days to go.

The BaseCamp is BioLite’s biggest and boldest product yet. Inspired by consumer requests for the HomeStove, the company’s stove for emerging markets, BaseCamp lets outdoor adventurers easily cook for big groups. Like its game-changing predecessor, the CampStove – it generates electricity through BioLite’s innovative technology.

Thoughtful features like a one-touch grill-to-boil lever, which diverts the flame from the grilling surface to the main burner, and folding legs make it easy and comfortable to use in a variety of outdoor environments.

Like the BioLite CampStove, the BaseCamp is powered by wood and other biomass, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas. Its side feed entry makes for easy refueling.

By converting heat from the fire into usable electricity, the BaseCamp recharges phones, tablets, lights and other gadgets while cooking up a meal. Unlike solar, BioLite’s technology is a true on-demand source. The BaseCamp features enhanced power output that generates 5 watts for charging devices – twice the power of the CampStove. An intuitive LED dashboard display lets you know heat output and when it’s ready to charge devices. In addition, the BaseCamp comes with a flexible USB light, helping you keep your site illuminated which comes particularly in handy when cooking.

“We are excited to launch a HomeStove-inspired product into the outdoor market,” said Jonathan Cedar, BioLite Co-founder and CEO. “This is the perfect embodiment of our commitment to parallel innovation. By incubating core technologies in both the emerging and recreational markets, we’re able to develop breakthrough designs that benefit everyone. We’re looking forward to bringing the next big thing in campfires – again.”

BaseCamp features:

  • Enhanced power output that generates 5 watts for charging devices; can charge tablets
  • Stores power for later
  • Smart LED Dashboard indicators for optimal cooking and charging
  • Flexible USB LED light
  • One-touch grill-to-boil lever to easily redirect flames
  • Large 13.25” diameter cooktop fits eight large burgers
  • Foldable legs for flexible cooking height

Weight: 20 lbs.
Dimensions: 15” high (legs folded), 23” high (legs extended); 21” wide (with ash tray & fuel rack); 13.25” diameter cooktop
MSRP: $299
Available: September 2014


About BioLite

BioLite develops and manufactures advanced energy products that make cooking with wood as clean, safe, and easy as modern fuels while also providing electricity to charge small devices like cell phones and LED lights off-grid. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, the company was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Cedar and Alec Drummond. Discover more about BioLite at, and

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